Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NFL Power Rankings: Penultimate edition

Back for another week of ranking the NFL's teams, top-to-bottom, in a pro wrestling format. The Main Event teams are the best of the league, as you would imagine. The mid-card tier is for teams who aren't quite there, but show a fight and have potential. Then there are the jobbers, who really shouldn't even dress for the games anymore. Here is this week's 1-32 list. Enjoy.

Main Event
1| Giants (12-3) [3]: With their win over the Panthers and the Steelers’ loss to Tennessee, the G-Men vault back into the top spot. Brandon Jacobs returned and the running game got going again in a big way.

2| Titans (12-3) [4]: Big win against the Stillers to lock up home-field advantage and the AFC’s number one seed.

3| Colts (11-4) [5]: Peyton and Co. might be the best team in the AFC right now, but I couldn’t justify putting them ahead of the Titans. The Colts look like a team to be reckoned with.

4| Steelers (11-4) [1]: The Steelers couldn’t find a way to beat the Titans in Tennessee, resulting in a three spot drop. Pittsburgh has played the toughest schedule in football, though, and will be a force in the playoffs.

5| Panthers (11-4) [2]: Tough loss for Carolina, especially with DeAngelo Williams scoring four times. Now Carolina has to win if they want a first-round bye.

6| Falcons (10-5) [6]: The Falcons clinched a playoff spot and have a shot at the division title after Carolina’s loss to the Giants. Matt Ryan continues to amaze/impress experts everywhere and Mike Smith could win Coach of the Year.

7| Patriots (10-5) [8]: Matt Cassel continued his run towards a big payday in the winter weather of New England. Notice how we haven’t heard a lot of Tom Brady talk?

8| Ravens (10-5) [9]: A win away from the playoffs after a big win in Dallas. Joe Flacco is another rookie QB that has continually impressed.

9| Dolphins (10-5) [11]: A scary one for the ‘Fins, who barely escaped Kansas City with a win. The stage is now set for Chad Pennington to march into the Meadowlands and beat the Jets - who jettisoned the light-armed QB – to lock up the AFC East.

10| Vikings (9-6) [7]: One week they look great, the next they’re fighting for their playoff lives. Next week’s game is huge for the Vikes: Beat the Giants, who might be resting many of their best players, and you’re in the playoffs.

11| Buccaneers (9-6) [10]
12| Bears (9-6) [15]
13| Cowboys (9-6) [12]
14| Jets (9-6) [13]
15| Eagles (8-6-1) [14]
16| Cardinals (8-7) [16]
17| Broncos (8-7) [17]
18| Chargers (7-8) [19]

19| Saints (8-7) [20]
20| Texans (7-8) [18]
21| Redskins (8-7) [21]
22| 49ers (6-9) [22]
23| Bills (7-8) [24]
24| Jaguars (5-10) [23]
25| Packers (5-10) [25]
26| Bengals (3-11-1) [28]
27| Raiders (4-11) [29]
28| Browns (4-11) [26]
29| Chiefs (2-13) [27]
30| Seahawks (4-11) [30]
31| Rams (2-13) [31]
32| Lions (0-15) [32]

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