Sunday, December 14, 2008

A lot of people really hate Sean Avery

Or at least that seems like an accurate assumption, given that the Dallas Stars are saying Avery won't return to the team following his six-game suspension. Avery had been suspended for comments made about NHL players dating Elisha Cuthbert, in so many words.

The team can trade Avery, send him to play in the minors or make him sit the bench and wait to be bought out, similar to the Stephon Marbury situation. I know the guy has a long history of being a jerk on the ice and isn't the most well-liked player in the NHL, but the punishment he is getting seems a little harsh to me. You make a sexist remark about your ex-girlfriend and some other players and you never see the ice again?

The team is just looking for any reason to get rid of Avery and they have it. What remains to be seen is if this will turn ugly like it has with the Knicks and Stephon, or if Avery will go quietly, knowing he'll get his money, and focus on his fashion career, the one that ESPN so lovingly detailed on E:60 a few weeks back.

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