Sunday, December 28, 2008

Knicks reverting to '07-'08 form with current losing streak

Watching the Knicks play is like watching a Tom Cruise movie. You know it was a mistake within the first ten minutes and it's almost impossible to get through the whole thing.

I'd like to blame fatigue on the Knicks recent six-game skid but this is the NBA and that's just a lame excuse. I think it is probably more because the Knicks have few good players and are physically mismatched every night.

I knew I was getting ahead of myself in thinking a few weeks ago that these Knicks could make the playoffs. The Eastern Conference isn't exactly stacked top-to-bottom and the Knicks were a .500 team at the time.

Now they're just bad. Really bad. Sometimes they tease you like they did in today's loss to the Nuggets and let you think there is a chance New York could win. Other times the Knicks play like a junior varsity team as they did against Minnesota.

Whatever the case, they lose, which is the plan I guess, since the team has loudly made it clear that 2010 is the next season that counts.

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