Thursday, December 11, 2008

Josh's Corner: Oh me, oh my, Winter Meetings

Los Angeles correspondent and former CortSide co-host Josh Garcia is back to weigh in on this year’s Winter Meetings, which are currently being held in Las Vegas.

There is nothing like the baseball off-season, my favorite off-season to follow. Free agents, trades and new players. Las Vegas was buzzing this week as GMs, and agents and media were all squished in the Belaggio to talk baseball. There were some teams that made splashes.

The Mets: Now as much as I'm choking back anger and hatred at the Mets, Omar made some pretty nice movies insuring that the two catastrophic and embarrassing collapses that have happened the last two seasons don't happen for a third time. Not only did they sign K-Rod to a nice deal, they also traded for Mariners closer J.J. Putz, who had 76 saves combined in ‘06 and ‘07. Putz was injured last year but anyone who has seen his stuff knows it’s dirty. He’s got a wicked curve and a nice fastball and as low as he keeps his stuff in the zone, it'll be like the game will be over for the Mets after the 7th inning.

The Yankees: They got their guy. CC signed for an insane amount and Christmas will be nice around the Sabathia household.

"What do you want for Christmas, hunny?"
"A Nintendo Wii, daddy."
"Ok, we'll get 12 of ‘em just in case they break."

What's next for the Bombers? Well rumors have it that they are offering A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe contracts. I think they still need a bat and if Teixeira is out of the question, why not contact the Astros - who are having a garage sale of sorts - and inquire about Lance Berkman? Just saying, if Ed Wade wants to dump salary so bad then the Yanks should go after the Big Puma.

The Red Sox: I don't think they will let New York get all the media attention and will strike quickly to get a deal for Mark Teixeira, who is the best all around player in this free agent class. Tex has made it known he would like to be on the east coast and winning is a priority, which cancels out him wearing a Nationals or Orioles jersey.

The Tigers: GM Dave Dombrowski didn't make any "dumb" moves. He made some nice moves that will have people in Detroit saying "worst to first," trading for Gerald Laird from the Rangers and Edwin Jackson from the Rays, who is just 25. Laird will sure up the back stop while Jackson will become part of a young rotation not much different than that of the Rays last year, only they don't have a lefty like Kazmir. There are still holes to be plugged in the rotation. Plus, they can still add players with the versatility of Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen. Also, keep an eye out for John Smoltz, who is a Michigan man, when he comes back mid-season helping the Tigers down the stretch.

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