Friday, December 12, 2008

Josh's Corner: NFL is not a soap opera

Josh Garcia, our Los Angeles correspondent, is in the midst of a column frenzy. Today he chimes in on the recent news of a Terrell Owens-Tony Romo spat going on in Dallas.

I sit down to watch SportsCenter and I look around my empty apartment. There is a little bickering on the screen and I think maybe someone changed the channel when I blinked. Is this a soap opera, or “The Hills?” Some stupid show that is just talking? Where are the highlights, Linda Cohn?

That’s when I realize Terrell Owens is in a fight with Tony Romo.

I think, ‘well did he hit him or something?’ Nope, just talking and this is news on SportsCenter. When I hear about all this bickering and drama going on in locker rooms, and he said this about me, and my feelings are like this, I say, “Who cares?” When did sports become so scandalous and sensational? Why can't they just play the game that they are so well paid for and leave the drama back at home, where it belongs? All this talking and emotion, and people are crying and I don't know why. They are supposed to be tough and rugged and brutal and instead I picture them in the locker room going, "OMG did you hear what he said?" Meanwhile they’re texting each other with smilies and frowns.

The TO story in Dallas about being mad at Tony Romo, are you serious? This is news!?!? I've already seen this episode from San Fran and Philly. I know how it ends. This is nothing new and nothing special. And it’s not because I follow Dallas and have been a big fan for the last 18 years of my life. It’s because I'm over it.

Sports are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Yeah I care about the athletes and their personal lives to an extent, but I could care less who they are dating and what meaningless BS is going on behind the scenes. Did anybody get hurt? Anybody shoot themselves on accident? Was there an arrest? Steroids? Cocaine?

If the answer is no to any of these questions then you shouldn't be reporting it like it’s breaking news and it sure as s%*& shouldn't be scrolling on the bottom line like it’s a big deal.

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