Monday, December 29, 2008

Jets fire Mangini but want Favre back

One year you're a "Mangenius," the next you're a goat.

That's the case with Eric Mangini, who was fired by the Jets today. New York's loss yesterday to the Dolphins was the final straw, but losing in Seattle the week before was probably the game that really did Mangini in. Someone had to take the fall for New York's Mets-like collapse and it was the head coach.

The blame probably should have been squarely placed on the "sore shoulder" of Brett Favre, who threw nine interceptions in the final five games. The "gunslinger," though, is still wanted back by Jets owner Woody Johnson.

Favre will be 40-years-old next season and now has arm troubles, and you want to bring him back? Doesn't make a lot of sense, but clearly Johnson realizes how great Favre has been for publicity and Personal Seat Licenses.

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