Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did Brett Favre make the Pro Bowl?

That's what I've been trying to figure out since I first saw the list of NFL Pro Bowlers released by NFL.com today.

The obvious answer is that he's Brett Favre and he's getting the "Cal Ripken treatment," being considered an All Star more for his past achievements than for what he's done this season. Because this year Favre has not been putting up Pro Bowl numbers.

There are six quarterbacks in the AFC with better passer ratings than Favre, which isn't to say that should be the only stat looked at. But how does Favre make this team over Philip Rivers, who has thrown 28 TDs and 11 INTs to Favre's 21 and 17, respectively. You could probably make a case for Matt Cassel, Matt Schaub and even Chad Pennington over the "gunslinger."


Anonymous said...

favre deserves it. he's winning games for his team and that's more important than stats. you really don't know what makes a true pro bowler. keep on stat crunching and see where that takes you kiddo. get lost.

tonyblogs.net said...

If we're going to make the argument that team wins are more important, shouldn't Ben Roethlisberger have made it then? And if my memory serves me correctly, Favre has been pretty awful in some of those games the Jets have won.

Appreciate the comment, as always, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The first poster on this article is an idiot. Brett Favre HAS NOT been winning games for his team it is the ULTIMATE TEAM SPORT the team won those games not Brett Favre; I'm tired of this guy getting VIP treatment around the league after his self centered egotistical attitude was aired for everyone to see this offseason.


Skanker said...

After watching the Miami-New York game at the end of the regular season, I was disgusted to see how sub-par Favre really is; he was terrible, and nothing he could have done would have merited a Pro Bowl selection. Just terrible.

Matt Cassel, Chad Pennington...these were guys who actually deserved it.

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