Friday, December 19, 2008

ESPN will swap NBA, NCAA announce teams January 7th

For one night only, you can hear Dick Vitale call an NBA game! Don't worry, I'm not that excited either.

ESPN will swap their announcing teams for one night, with an NBA announcing crew will call the Duke-Davidson game and the college crew broadcasting the Nuggets-Heat professional tilt.

From USA Today:
ESPN will announce today that for a Jan. 7 basketball doubleheader, its on-air crews will swap roles. NBA announcers Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Mike Tirico will call Duke-Davidson, followed by Dick Vitale — who called ESPN NBA games in the early 1980s — and Dan Shulman on a Denver Nuggets-Miami Heat NBA game. ESPN executive Norby Williamson says it's "a natural progression to make connections between college and the NBA. We try to cultivate basketball fans." So, can we expect more on-air swaps? "We never say no to anything," he says.
I think it would have been better if it were Mike Breen with the NBA crew instead of Tirico and Mike Patrick with Vitale. Those are the lead play-by-play voices of NBA and NCAA basketball on ESPN, respectively, and it would help bring more of an exciting feel to the overall idea of the swap.

Either way, it's something different and that never hurts.

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