Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dropping Links: Wednesday, December 3rd

Extra Large link-drop this morning...

Ken Rosenthal says Braves have acquired Javier Vazquez from White Sox |FOX|
Texas Tech’s Mike Leach met with U. of Washington officials on Monday |CBS|
Pete Carroll willing to forfeit timeout so USC can wear red at UCLA ||
Texas still has a shot at the National Title, could be AP National Champ ||

Brandon Jacobs will kill you if you step in his house |FanHouse|
Sean Avery gets suspended for… cracking wise? |The Final Score|
The soon-to-be United Football League thinks Mike Vick would be a great fit |Shutdown Corner|

This guy is really choked up about the library closing ||
EA Sports presents Adult Men’s Softball 09 |Joe Sports Fan|

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Football Fanatics said...

Only way Texas gets in is if OK loses.