Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dropping Links: Wednesday, December 10th

Joel Sherman reports Yankees and CC ready to strike a deal |NY Post|
Honeymoon is over in DC; Portis comments on “genius” coach Zorn FOX|
Kings shock Lakers, snap eight-game losing streak ||
Giants v. Panthers flexed into Sunday night on Dec. 21st ||

Baron Davis put on extra weight just to get a Jenny Craig endorsement? |AOL Fanhouse|
Mets Find Their "Guy Who Frantically Points To God After Every One Inning Save As If He Just Simultaneously Cured Cancer And World Hunger" Closer |Tirico Suave|
A look at a life without newspapers, which everyone thinks will happen in 2009 ||

Dr. Lou pays Regis & Kelly a visit, talks about positivity |Awful Announcing|

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