Sunday, December 28, 2008

Detroit's history making season finally comes to an end

The Detroit Lions completed their 0-16 season with a loss to the Packers on Sunday, finally bringing an end to Detroit's nightmare year.

One of the things that has become almost commonplace among media pundits and bloggers has been to compliment Rod Marinelli on how classy he has been, especially following the Rob Parker situation. But what has been lost in all this is that Marinelli will go down as the coach of the worst team in the history of professional football.

But this isn't about rubbing it in. No one wishes that kind of embarrassment and shame on the coaches and players who, just like us, are real people with real emotions. This is about fixing the problem. The question is just how to go about that.

If it were up to me, I'd blow the whole thing up. Get a new coaching staff and trade the first overall pick for as much as you can get. The Lions already have a buffet table of picks thanks to Jerry Jones trading the farm to get the underwhelming Roy Williams, so Detroit might as well try to get as many bodies as they can that will have an impact. And when you look at this year's draft class, is there really someone out there that can immediately turn your team around? Doesn't look like it. So why not stock up the pantry?

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