Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bob Glauber clears the smoke on NFL playoff picture

Friend of the blog and Newsday football writer Bob Glauber has an in-depth breakdown of each team’s playoff scenario today and instead of re-posting the whole thing here, I’ll just show you the way to his “What About Bob?” blog. I owe it to him since he has pointed many a curious reader my way in the past.

There are a total of seven available playoff spots left, two in the NFC and three in the AFC. Dallas, Minnesota, Miami, Baltimore, Denver and San Diego can all get in with simply a win. Denver will have to have beaten San Diego, or vice versa, which would eliminate the other team. The Panthers have already clinched a playoff spot and are now playing for a first-round bye and the second seed in the NFC.

There are about 1,000 other complicated scenarios so be sure to check out Bob’s blog.

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