Sunday, November 23, 2008

So what did we learn from this afternoon's NFL action?

If Sunday afternoon taught us anything, it taught us that...

...apparently Matt Cassel's 400-yard passing performance last Thursday was no fluke, as he put up 415-yards today against the Dolphins in a 48-28 victory. Cassel connected with Randy Moss on three touchdown passes, evoking images of Tom Brady from a year ago.

...maybe we should finally give up on the Eagles. I can't say I was ever too high on Philly, but they've pretty much hit rock bottom after a tie against Cincinnati and a loss to the Ravens that saw Donovan McNabb on the bench for the second half. This might really be Donovan's last year in "Iggles" green.

...if you whine enough, you will get the ball. If you actually catch it when they throw it your way, you can put up 213 receiving yards and a touchdown, which is exactly what Terrell Owens did versus the 49ers.

...the Giants are pretty good. They hung on to beat the Cardinals in Arizona without Brandon Jacobs for the entire game and Plaxico Burress for all but one play.

...the Jets are better than a lot of people thought, or at least than I thought, but I thought they would be horrendous. They toppled undefeated Tennessee, 34-13. Or are the Titans just not as good as everyone though? Time will tell, but the AFC just got a lot more interesting.

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