Thursday, November 20, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 12

The Rooster and I are both coming off 5-1 weeks, so let's see if we can keep the momentum going. (Using the Vegas odds, as usual, to decide which games to pick from. As always, the games are picked without the spread.)

Week 12
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins - Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens - Ravens
Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons - Falcons
Minnesota Vikings @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers - Colts
New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals - Giants

I doubt Matt Cassel can put up another 400-yard game so I'll take the suddenly good Dolphins at home... The Eagles couldn't even beat the Bengals last week, even with overtime. They just aren't that good and the Ravens are at home, so give me Baltimore... I'm still not a believer in the Panthers, even though they're 8-2. The Falcons bounce back this week with a win at home... You never know what you'll get with Jacksonville, but I'm not sold on Minnesota either... Colts, even on the road, because they are getting hot and the Chargers are absolutely putrid... The Giants might struggle with the mighty Cardinals passing attack, but I still think they'll have enough to get passed Arizona.

The Rooster will have his picks up soon. Feel free to join us.

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The Rooster said...

Cardinals-can't jinx the G-Men