Thursday, November 6, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 10

Back again with another set of fearless predictions. I say fearless because clearly I'm not afraid to get them wrong, as I've been showing over and over again these past few weeks. Regardless, here are the picks, in all their glory.

Six Picks for Sunday
Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears - Titans
New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons - Falcons
Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings - Vikings
Indianapolis Colts @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers
New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles - Giants
Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans - Texans

Not sure about the Bears without Orton and the Titans have been rolling... You never know what you'll get with the Saints, so give me the surprising Falcons at home... The Vikings have straightened things out a bit with Gus under center... I'm still not sold on the Colts. Leftwich looked pretty good last week, so even without Roethlisberger, I'll take the Stillers... Eagles are a 3-point favorite, but give me the "Road Warriors" in this one... I'll choose the Texans because, well, they're in Texas for this one.

The Rooster will add his picks shortly in the comments section and hopefully Steven will be back for another week. Feel free to submit your picks as well.

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The Rooster said...

Eagles... hope I'm wrong