Friday, November 7, 2008

Redskins continue to add to impressive list of players that used to be good

Just a few days after being cut by the dreadful Oakland Raiders, DeAngelo Hall has signed a one-year, $1 million contract with the Washington Redskins. He joins Jason Taylor, London Fletcher and Pete Kendall as overpaid guys who used to be incredible athletes, but were then evicted from their teams because of their attitude, contract, or because they just plain stunk.

Hall falls into the latter category. While he was once a great cornerback in Atlanta, he has shown that it was the benefit of a zone coverage scheme and has struggled greatly to cover wide receivers in man-to-man situations.

Having said all that, he will help the Washington defense by being one of the guys, instead of the main shutdown corner, which he hasn't been for some time now.


Mark "Om" Steven said...
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Mark "Om" Steven said...

Due respect, Tony, but dismissing Kendall and Fletcher as anything but key contributors and grade A additions to the Redskins seems to indicate you have rarely see the team play. Fletcher has played at a Pro Bowl level since coming here, and Kendall has been rock solid.

Jason Taylor I suppose you can make a case for, although given his freak injury that has essentially kept him from playing, that seems a bit unfairly premature as well.

Hall is pure insurance policy the rest of this year against Springs' recovery and Smoot's lingering groin pull. Plus it's an audition for 2009. If the man gets his head straight, at 24 and all the physical talent in the world, this is actually a no-brainer signing.