Friday, November 7, 2008

Quell your excitement, Broncos fans

The Denver Broncos came from behind to defeat the Cleveland Browns last night, riding a 447-yard passing performance from QB Jay Cutler to victory. They are now 5-4 and in first place in the AFC West. All of that is great, but...

...Cutler went nutso on the Browns defense, 22nd in the NFL in covering the pass.

...Denver only really has two wins to be proud of, which are their victories at home against New Orleans and Tampa Bay, respectively. The win over San Diego was mostly because of Ed Hochuli's incredibly bad call and the NFL's stupidity in replay guidelines. The other two wins? Cleveland, last night, and Oakland.

...the Broncos have the 29th-ranked defense in the NFL, even worse than the Browns, and better than only St. Louis, Kansas City and Detroit. Great company.

...they are in one of the worst divisions in football. While this seems like a good thing, it isn't, because if they make the playoffs, they'll inevitably get bounced with that horrible defense.

...they do have an excellent cheerleading squad, however.

I can't say enough about the year Jay Cutler is having, especially with no running game to speak of. All I'm asking, Denver fans, is that you don't get ahead of yourselves too soon. You're only setting yourself up for a major heartache.

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