Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots himself

Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg after a loaded gun he was carrying went off Friday night in a New York nightclub. The injury is not life- or career- threatening, although I would imagine his Giants career is at risk.

This is the latest in a list of transgressions for Burress, who was suspended for a game earlier in the season and has been fined several times. The receiver will probably miss time, and I would assume a team - or even NFL - suspension could be coming when he returns.

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mb194911 said...

maybe this will wake him up, he doesn't get caught doing drugs, a more a difficult behavioral problem for all concerned. Perhaps he needs a father figure, someone for attention, appreciation, affection or emotional counseling. After a few surgeries he's probably being fed addictive behavior altering prescription drugs by DOCTORS. I'm sure he deals with painful injuries. He has a wife, what's the real story with her, can't she help? The MAN helped the GIANTS win a SUPER BOWL ten months ago, let's not ignore his problems like society ignored ELVIS, his feelings, problems with DOCTORS pushing addictive prescription drugs, no one caring for another world class athlete/celebrity who doesn't or didn't know THE SECRETS to living a happy life.