Friday, November 7, 2008

Josh's Corner: Have I seen you somewhere before?

As you know, we love athlete lookalikes. Some look more alike than others but here is our Los Angeles blogger Josh Garcia's take on a few of them.

You can only watch sports for so long before players in different sports start looking the same to you, especially if you watch enough. I have compiled a few of these lookalikes for you to enjoy.

We'll start with an A-Rod look-a-like that plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Miles Austin has an uncanny resemblance to the richest man in baseball. Here's hoping if Miles is ever in NYC he is not expected to tip like A-Wad.

Next I've got Rasheed Wallace and Shawne Merriman. Now 'Sheed would have to start "pumpin'" - or whatever it is that Shawne does to get beefed up - to really confuse these two.

Jim Halpert from "The Office" may have pitched in the World Series for the Phillies under the name Cole Hamels.

Sam Cassell has three rings and that's as many movies as Gollum had trying to get a ring. Coincidence? I think not, they are the same person!

Last but certainly not least, Eli Manning has a resemblance to Special Ed from the prank phone call show "Crank Yankers." Maybe it's because every time Eli completes a pass he yells "Yayyyyyyyy!"

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