Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introducing the first ever TONY BLOGS NFL power rankings

Here I go, jumping on the "NFL Power Rankings" bandwagon, giving you my own version of the list, which probably holds little-to-no merit. But here it is, in all its glory. The first ever TONY BLOGS NFL Power Rankings, post-Week 12 edition, with the teams broken down in a little homage to pro wrestling. Enjoy.

Main Event
1| Giants (10-1): The defending champs are rolling through their thick schedule. Without Jacobs for the game and Burress for all but one play, Eli Manning tossed three TD’s, and threw at least two passes to seven different receivers.

2| Jets (8-3): After knocking off the undefeated Titans, the Bretts almost have to be #2. If Favre keeps playing un-gunslinger-like, the Jets have a real shot.

3| Titans (10-1): Tennessee could not get its running game going against “Gang Green” and has struggled in that area for a few weeks. Their defense still makes them better than most of the AFC.

4| Buccaneers (8-3): Earnest Graham goes down for the season just as Cadillac Williams is returning and the Bucs continue their consistent play in one of the toughest divisions in football.

5| Steelers (8-3): The Steelers are like a steady machine… and sometimes as boring. But a win is a win.

6| Colts (7-4): Peyton Manning is very good at this game.

7| Falcons (7-4): The Falcons continue to surprise and Matt Ryan is arguably having the best rookie season of any quarterback ever.

8| Patriots (7-4): Matt Cassel is showing that actually playing college football is overrated, or that Bill Belichick’s offense is unstoppable no matter who is at the helm.

9| Panthers (8-3): After two weeks of pathetic wins, the Panthers went down this weekend. Jake Delhomme has struggled and some are questioning how good this 8-3 team really is.

10| Cardinals (7-4): Were neck-and-neck with the G-Men all day Sunday and Kurt Warner has been unbelievable. The Cards can clinch the NFC West with a win this Thursday against Philly.

11| Redskins (7-4)
12| Ravens (7-4)
13| Cowboys (7-4)
14| Vikings (6-5)  
15| Saints (7-5)
The Saints have been a rollercoaster team this year. One game they’ll score 51 points as they did last night and the next they’ll have four turnovers and get thumped… It’s shaping up to be a fun ending to the NFC North race, with the Vikings and Bears at 6-5 and the slumping Packers still in it at 5-6… The Cowboys listened to TO’s demands and he answered with over 200 yards receiving… The Ravens defense came back strong after being embarrassed by the Giants…

16| Dolphins (6-5), 17| Bears (6-5), 18| Bills (6-5), 19| Broncos (6-5), 20| Packers (5-6), 21| Eagles (5-5-1), 22| Jaguars (4-7), 23| Browns (4-7), 24| Chargers (4-7), 25| Texans (4-7)

26| Raiders (3-8), 27| 49ers (3-8), 28| Chiefs (1-10), 29| Seahawks (2-9), 30| Bengals (1-9-1), 31| Rams (2-9), 32| Lions (0-11)

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