Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dropping Links: Tuesday, November 18th

Extra Lite edition this morning. Here's what's around the webs...

Albert Pujols wins his second NL MVP award... yawn [ESPN.com]
Garnett suspended one game, will sit tonight v. Knicks. Chance of NYK win increases from 4% to 9% [FOX Sports.com]
Yankees prepared to give Burnett, Lowe tours of the vault [NY Post]

"Jim Leyritz Simply Feels That Committing Drunken Vehicular Manslaughter Should Not Impede His Chicken Marsala Consumption" [Tirico Suave]
"Why Was Tatum Bell Working In A Cell Phone Store 2 Weeks Ago?" [Sportaphile]
"Roger Clemens treated Mindy McCready 'like a princess'" [The Final Score]

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