Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dropping Links: Thursday, November 20th

Mike Mussina, coming off a 20-win season, has decided to hang them up [NY Daily News]
Pacman Jones unbelievably got reinstated for the 346th time [FOX]
The Cardinals are doing to Edgerrin James what the Knicks are doing to Stephon Marbury []

"Your NFL Broadcast Maps And Announcing Schedule For Week Twelve" [Awful Announcing]
"Browns' GM Phil Savage Responds To Email Hecklers Swiftly, But Not Very Politely" [Deadspin]
Donovan McNabb comments on his overtime comments [Yardbarker]

Warren Sapp doesn't think Keyshawn Johnson is a bitch anymore [Awful Announcing]
Dewey Hammond gets choked out by Frank Shamrock [Hard for the Yard]

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