Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dropping links like T.O. drops passes

Just because I haven't in a while, here's some interesting stuff from my morning surf around the world wide webs.

Maddon, Piniella win Manager of the Year Awards []
The Knicks held a 3-point contest during last night's game v. Memphis [Newsday]
CBS' Scott Miller says Braves, Padres nearing Peavy trade [CBS Sportsline]

10 Memorable Sports Altered Legacies [Mondesi's House]
Warren Sapp to Keyshawn Johnson: "You bitch!" [Awful Announcing]
The Ballad of Kerry Collins [Tirico Suave]

SportsCenter Highlight of the Night: Hawks v. Celtics []
Nash, McGrady, Alston, Barnes, Shaq got extra physical last night []

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