Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brian Urlacher allegedly paints his son's toenails and makes him wear pink undies

That's according to the mother of the child, Tyna Robertson. She claims Urlacher has dressed the 3-year-old boy, Kennedy, in pink Cinderella diapers and painted his toenails blue (as shown in the above photo, courtesy The Herald News). Robertson wants to stop visitation between Kennedy and his father if Urlacher doesn't agree to stop the antics.

Robertson says she told Urlacher, "You're confusing him, if he's a boy or a girl."

I think the first confusing thing is that he's a boy named Kennedy. Granted, it's not Sue, but still. And a lot of male "emo" musicians paint their nails. Oh wait, we don't really know if they're boys or girls either.

It's a little surprising that Brian Urlacher - the tough, brooding middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears - would paint his son's nails and make him wear pink under-britches. Or maybe there's more that we don't know about the guy.

Either way, I have to agree with the baby mama on this one. The nail polish and Cinderella garb needs to go.

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