Friday, November 21, 2008

Are these Geico commercials annoying anyone else?

Because I'm sick of seeing the cavemen all over the place. You can't watch a sports program right now without seeing a Geico ad.

From the tennis version with Billie Jean King, to the one on the beach where a caveman finds a Geico keychain, to the other where a caveman is featured on a Geico-sponsored video screen at a basketball game, enough is enough.

Is this a commercial version of "jumping the shark?"


Anonymous said...

I would never use Geico . I always thought their ads were tasteless .If they offered their insurance for free I would not take it. GO AWAY GEICO. Talk about over saturation and poor taste combined. Humor in Insurance ads does not work for me. Its disgusting and so is GEICOS overexposed ad campaign.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The commercials are irratating. They keep on saying "15 minutes can save you 15% more on Insurance". The truth is that they could save you 40 % more if they would quit spending money on their "lame" advertising. Do you know how much it costs to to advertise on TV, internet and radio? Alot. Even if they could save me 15% or more, I would NEVER sign up with Geico.

Anonymous said...

Warren Buffett, Owner Of GEICO, I'm disappointed in you. You prey on the ignorance of America. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Not only is their saturation level advertising really annoying, but they have very sleazy business practices, bordering on out-and-out scam.

If you are a customer of theirs or, god forbid, have the misfortune of getting your car hit by a geico customer. They are famous for making you wait forever for payment, for trying to drastically reduce what they owe you by coercing you their go to their pre-approved collision center (where they will try to not repair your car properly in order to save themselves money.

It's sad that so many people are influenced (ie brainwashed) by their pathetic advertising.