Monday, October 13, 2008

Tony Romo injured, but still alive

As you probably already heard, Tony Romo injured his pinkie finger during yesterday's loss to the Cardinals and could be out up to four weeks.

But why is everyone acting like he's dead?

Michael Smith was on ESPN earlier, eyes red, acting as though the funeral was about to begin. other analysts seem truly sad. I know this is a big blow to the Cowboys, but let's get some perspective here.

He broke his pinkie finger. I know that's got to hurt, but you get slammed to the ground 30 times a game and you can't play with your least important finger hurt? Ronnie Lott only needed half a pinkie to do his thing!

And he still gets to go home to Jessica Simpson. Sure, she's an airhead who I'm sure would be impossible to carry on a conversation with. But aside from that and the whole "creepy father thing," just look at her.

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