Friday, October 10, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 6

Here we go with another week of predictions from The Rooster and I. Last week, I gained a game in the standings. Here are this week's games:

Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts - Colts
Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Bucs - Bucs
Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons - Bears
Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans - Dolphins
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos - Broncos
Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks - Packers

Three road teams, three home teams... Colts look to use the momentum from last week's comeback win... Bucs over Panthers, although that's one of the toughest picks in my mind... Falcons have looked good, but I'm going with Da Bears... Will the Texans overcome last week's horrible loss? No... Does anyone know who the 'real' Jaguars are?... I don't care if Seattle is at home, they are garbage.

Look out for The Rooster's picks in the comments section and feel free to add your own.

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The Rooster said...

5 different picks, looks like a big shakeup this week!