Thursday, October 23, 2008

Palin to drop puck again

Sarah Palin will be in St. Louis tomorrow night to drop the ceremonial first puck for the Blues v. Kings game, as she did 12 days ago in Philadelphia.
The running mate of Republican John McCain, Palin will drop the ceremonial first puck when the St. Louis Blues host the Los Angeles Kings on Friday, the team announced Wednesday.

Palin, the current governor of Alaska, will be present at Scottrade Center following a visit to Springfield during her campaign trail in the state of Missouri.

A self-described "hockey mom," Palin also took part in a pregame ceremony in Philadelphia on October 11, when the Flyers hosted the New York Rangers in their season opener.
Palin is getting a lot of play out of this whole "hockey mom" thing. It's a great strategy to ingratiate her with the down-to-earth mothers out there who drive their kids to practice in their minivans.

It's just too bad no one really watches hockey.

Perhaps she would have been better off proclaiming herself a "baseball mom?" Then last night she could have been in Tampa and tossed out the first pitch, instead of Shippensburg native Bob Stewart. (Who?)

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