Saturday, October 4, 2008

OJ Simpson, this is the last straw!

Oh, OJ Simpson. You used to be the man. You were an incredible running back. You were a pretty good actor. Everything was looking up.

Then you killed a couple people. But, you know what? We were able to move past that. You scammed DirecTV. Again, forgiven. Who hasn't tried to get free TV? Even after you wrote a book titled, "If I Did It," we all just looked away.

But this time we've got you. Sure, you may have been set up and you probably should already be in jail for that minor crime you were acquitted of in the '90s, but now you're really in trouble. You were found guilty of kidnapping and robbery, and you could face life in prison.

At least you'll always have Naked Gun 2 1/2 and whether you're a murderer, burglar, kidnapper or not, we can still appreciate your comic timing. Maybe they'll let you watch it in the Big House?

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