Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is the fate of this man?

The answer to that question will hinge on whether the Mets make the playoffs or not. Jerry Manuel, remember, is the interim manager and if the team collapses again, the bulk of the blame will be on him. (Even though it should be on Jose Reyes.)

The team has certainly played better under the spectacled-one than it did for Willie "I'll Be On The Yankees Coaching Staff Next Year" Randolph but the bullpen has been atrocious. Might their recent success have been more due to Carlos Delgado's hot streak than the manager?

Time will tell. If they make the playoffs and win a series or two, I think Manuel stays. If the Metropolitans fail to make the playoffs, collapsing for a second straight year, he could get the axe. If a bigger, better name is out there, those chances would certainly be greater. But Grady Little? Ned Yost?

I don't think Jerry Manuel is managing these games poorly. The team just isn't playing well. Even if the Mets miss the playoffs, they'd be all right with Manuel... and a bullpen.

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