Monday, September 8, 2008

Trent Dilfer wants you to know HE got the scoop on Tom Brady

Tom Brady suffered what appears to be a season-ending knee injury yesterday in the Patriots' win over the Chiefs. Of course, this is a major blow to the Patriots and new ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer was the first to report that Brady was out for the year. ESPN's bottom line said that Dilfer was told by a New England player that Matt Cassel would be the starting QB for the remainder of the 2008 campaign.

When they later went to Dilfer on set, he wanted everyone to know he got the scoop. He said:
"One player told me, 'Trent, Matt Cassel is our quarterback for the rest of the year.'"
Then again, Dilfer was asked about the situation:
"A Patriots teammate told me, 'Trent, Cassel is our guy for the rest of this season.'"
Once more, Chris Berman broached the subject, and here was Dilfer's response:
"One Patriots player told me, 'Trent, Matt Cassel is our guy for the rest of the year.'"
Okay, Trent, we get it. We know you were the one who was told about it. Are you throwing your name in there just to hammer the point home, or just to make us all hate the name Trent? I know it's your first NFL Sunday at ESPN, but you don't need to insert your name into every story. Thank you.

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