Thursday, September 25, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 4

Putting in my Six Picks for Sunday early this week, since I'm headed to our nation's capital for a few days. I might have a few posts throughout the weekend but if not, at least you won't be worrying about us here at TONY BLOGS.

Here we go, and remember to submit your picks in the comments section.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears - Eagles
Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets - Cardinals
Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Bucs - Packers
Minnesota Vikings @ Tennessee Titans - Titans
Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals - Browns
San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints - Saints

Feeling good about the Eagles, Packers and Cards on the road... The Browns, also on the road, get the edge because the Bengals look really, really bad this year... Titans 'D' will help them at home... Saints over Niners, if only because Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian.

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