Friday, September 19, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 3

Back again for another week of NFL forecasting. I was an average-at-best 3-3 last week, while my father - The Rooster - went 6-0 to move into the lead. If he's The Rooster, does that make me, "The Cockerel?" Let's just move on...

The Picks
Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins - Redskins
Tampa Bay Bucs @ Chicago Bears - Bears
Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings - Panthers
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Philadelphia Eagles - Eagles
Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens - Browns
Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers - Cowboys

I'm taking the Redskins at home after their impressive performance last week, even though I think the Cards could win the NFC West. (That's not saying much, though) ...The Panthers are 2-0 and they get Steve Smith back this weekend... Give me the Iggles at home over Pittsburgh... Browns-Ravens may be a battle of who is "less bad." ...Finally, I'll take Dallas over the Packers, despite Green Bay's very impressive start. The Cowboys have looked pretty good, as well.

The Rooster will be submitting his predictions in the comments section. Won't you join him?

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The Rooster said...

Looks like I scared away the other Cortside members with that 6-0 week two!