Thursday, September 4, 2008

NBA Live 09 demo hits XBox Live Marketplace

EA Sports has released the demo for NBA Live 09 on XBox Live. There is no word yet on the PS3 demo. Here's the info, from
In the demo you can Play as the Celtics vs Lakers but EA has given the opportunity to play with them from different points in the season as a way to showcase the Live 365 and Player DNA features. You can play with them as current, from the 11/23/07 game, or from the 6/8/08 NBA Finals game. You can also shoot around in the practice gym. Several settings can be changed for the demo including difficulty level, sliders, rules, and camera angle. The quarter length is locked in at two minutes for one half of play.
The game has some new features and I like how they're giving you some depth in the demo, which was originally not expected to be released for a few more weeks.

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