Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jackson out, Frerotte in for Vikings

Gus Frerotte will start Sunday for the Minnesota Vikings and for the remainder of the season, barring an injury (like headbutting a wall). Head coach Brad Childress made the announcement today, adding, "You don't crown a guy king and then the king doesn't have any clothes on and you say, 'Hey, he's still the king.'"

I don't really know what that quote means but it seems like everyone, including myself, was a little too high on Tarvaris Jackson. Childress says he's not giving up on Jackson for the long-term, but already the team has shown they don't think a lot of the guy.

First, they wanted to trade for Brett Favre, now Jackson is getting benched in favor of a 37-year-old journeyman QB. It makes sense, though, when you've got one of the best running backs in football and a very good defense. Why let the ship sink anymore?

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