Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who has two thumbs and thinks live SportsCenter is a hit? This guy.

While on a day off and watching the 9am live SportsCenter for the first time, the show seems like it's working. It's not a huge difference from the old looped SC's, but they do change things up a bit from hour to hour and have other things that the replays couldn't have, like guests and more correspondents. It also provides a fresh take on everything right now, as opposed to seeing a replay of what John Kruk thought about the Yankees at 5pm yesterday.

Josh Elliot, who just returned today after the birth of his child, and Hannah Storm seem to have chemistry. Storm is widely thought of as one of the top broadcasters in the industry and Josh Elliot is climbing the ranks of ESPN's hierarchy. (IMHO, Elliot is top five at the "worldwide leader.")

It's a good move by ESPN and when Hot Stove seasons come around, the show will be the place to go for breaking news on trades and transactions. It's not going to be able to compete with blogs like the show boasts, mostly because people can check the internet at work and can't watch TV, but it is still nice to know you can go to SC and see Chris Mortensen giving false reports about NFL moves.

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