Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joe Torre embraces blogging

Look who has just entered the blogosphere. None other than "Saint" Joe Torre, former New York Yankees manager and current Los Angeles Dodgers skipper, whose "Torre's Stories" blog is part of the MLBlogs network. He posted three entries on Monday and even joked on how behind he is, especially when it comes to the Web.

From Torre's first entry:
"First up, though, I'll be figuring out this blogging thing since I'm a little behind the times. For example, I saw one of those little candy Valentine's hearts printed with "LOL" and thought it was a typo right up until I started reading about blogs and Web acronyms. I mean, WTF(udge), right? Then there are "web smileys" like ;-) and :-( which frankly make me a bit >:-P (I just made that one up). But live and learn."
Some witty stuff on the first go-round. The next few posts detail his new life on the West Coast and how different LA is from NY. Sure, the blog and its logo (pictured above) seem like they are just an extension of the State Farm commercial he is in, but it's still pretty interesting. Buzz Bissinger, a writer, can't just accept that blogs are real and entertaining, but 68-year-old manager Joe Torre dives right in... go figure!

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