Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jim Brown suing EA Sports

The news on this broke about a week ago but it's a noteworthy story nonetheless. The legendary running back and not-quite-as-legendary actor Jim Brown has filed suit against EA Sports and Sony, saying they profited from his likeness without his permission... by using RB #32 on the Cleveland Browns historical roster.

They didn't even use his name. It's clear to most fans who they are trying to portray that running back as, though, so there may be some merit to it.

Brown claims that since there was no players union when he played to sign away his likeness to, he is different from the players now, whose likenesses appear in the Madden franchise. Brown is hoping to stop EA from selling the game and the "disgorgement" of all profits from the game.

That seems unlikely, but it's an interesting case and might have an impact on players likenesses being used in future titles.

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