Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ian Kennedy is a bit arrogant

Ian Kennedy showed some cockiness in May when he was optioned to the minor leagues, saying that he wanted to make the Yankees "look stupid" for demoting him. He then said that people give major league hitters too much credit, adding that guys in Triple A "aren't that much different."

Friday night he showed us that apparently the big league guys are much different. Despite his recent minor league successes, Mr. Kennedy got rocked by the Angels in his first start back. He doesn't seem to get it, still.

From the NY Times' Tyler Kepner:
“What was it, a bunch of singles and three doubles or so?” Kennedy said. “I’m just not real upset about it. I’m going to move on. I already have done that.”
Hmmm. Yes, Ian, it was a bunch of singles, six of them in fact. He allowed nine hits in total and five earned runs in just two innings. He even said he was a bit surprised that Joe Girardi took him out when he did. The fake-Mike Mussina was supposed to be a breath of fresh air to the Yanks - and yes, it's only one start - but it looks like Mr. Kennedy has reverted back to the guy we saw early in the season.

That prompts the question, is this guy really a major league pitcher?

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