Monday, August 11, 2008

Golf viewers like to watch Tiger Woods


An article here from Dick Friedman of giving factual evidence to support what many had already predicted: Golf ratings would not be as high without Tiger Woods, out for the season due to leg injuries.

Obviously you weren't really going out on a huge limb if you thought that, but not many thought it would be this bad. The overnight rating for this Sunday's PGA Championship final was a 3.0, which is 55% less than last year's final round of the tournament.

This weekend's Championship had its moments and watching Sergio Garcia blow it during the final round is always fun, but casual fans (and a lot of diehards) don't care as much if Tiger isn't in it. It's that David v. Goliath factor that every American loves. If you're a fan of Tiger, you root as hard as you can for him. If you hate the guy, you're hoping he hooks one into the gallery.

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