Sunday, August 10, 2008

Columnist skeptical of Dara Torres' performance

Newsday boxing writer/blogger Robert Cassidy brings up an interesting point about the 41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres: At 41, how is she beating 20-year-olds and setting records?
"But forget about measuring yourself against other athletes. In Torres' case, the competition is the clock. And that doesn't change. 24.38 is 24.38 seconds now, 20 years ago and 100 years ago. 24.38 was the American record Torres set in qualifying for the 50 meter freestyle in Beijing." (Source)
Cassidy explains that the American fan has been fooled too many times by circumstances like this, like with Roger Clemens, who continued to thrive into his 40's and then played the lead in the production that was The Mitchell Report.

I love the Torres story but this article is a compelling read and makes you think. I'm not saying I think she's doping but it might be wise to consider it. Cassidy aids the point with this:
"But consider one more athlete: Mark Spitz. Even Michael Phelps might concede that Spitz is the greatest American swimmer in history. He won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics. Here is where it gets interesting. In 1992, at the age of 41, Spitz attempted to make a comeback for the Barcelona Olympics. He failed to make the U.S. Olympic team, missing the qualifying time by two seconds."
Judge for yourselves on this one.

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