Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chad Johnson to become Ocho Cinco?

Chad Johnson, who cares more about getting his name in the papers than his play, has begun the process to legally change his last name to "Ocho Cinco," according to

If this goes down, his government name would be Chad Ocho Cinco, allowing him to have the name on the back of his jersey. You may remember when he got fined for having an "Ocho Cinco" nameplate covering the last name on his jersey in 2006.

I could go on forever about Chad Johnson. In this offseason alone, he's asked to be traded, claimed that he wouldn't play for the Bengals, suddenly changed his mind and fell in love with Cincinnati again, and now this.

Oh, and I almost forgot how he's been saying he'll give everyone something that will have us talking during the Bengals first time. Hey, Chad, how about giving us a TD catch without an elaborate, pre-planned celebration? That would definitely have me talking.

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