Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett is a Jet

As was first hypothesized on this very blog on July 9th, Brett Favre is a member of the New York Jets. The saga is over, although the coverage certainly is not. In fact, just writing this post is making my stomach turn. As you've noticed, I've tried to stay out of this whole Favre drama.

Anyway, the real question is how much better does this make the Jets? It definitely makes them more relevant, that can't be argued. But I'm not sure if, with Favre, they're even a playoff team. They'll probably be picked to finish second in the AFC East and there are still many teams ahead of them. (See: Jaguars, Colts, Steelers, Chargers, Browns, Titans)

All of this, of course, is contingent on Brett even playing for the Jets. The way things have been going, I wouldn't be shocked if he retired again.

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Anonymous said...


I came across your blog via Bob Glauber's blog.

While I do not have a blog, I would like to state for historical accuracy purposes that I told "everyone" that Favre would be a Jet back in March -- less than two weeks after his retirement announcement.

My premonition was spurred by the Jets signing of Bubba Franks. Immediately upon hearing that (on March 17) I thought Favre might not be ready to call it quits, and would look to the Jets (and his pal, Bubba) as a good place to go. I also based my gut feeling on the fact that the Jets had spent a boatload on free agents -- in particular the OL -- and the fact that QB has been a weak position for them the last few years due to injury and inexperience. Those reasons in addition to the fact that where else does a football legend go after Lambau -- but New York?

Watching this Favre saga play out has been a surreal experience for me. It's like the line, "I think it and it happens." The people I told my premonition to (I am a bartender) all laughed, and said, "yeah right." I even joked that it made sense because Favre would only have to changes half his sheets -- from green and yellow to green and white.

I have already heard from a few of the folks I made my prediction to (again, almost five months ago) and they are incredulous that it all came true.

Kudos on your blog, by the way. I just feel the need to stake claim as the originator of the Favre to Jets discussion.

If anyone comes along who predicted Favre a Jet sometime between March 4 and March 16, then I will gladly relinquish my claim as first.