Monday, July 14, 2008

Stu Speaks!: Don't call it a comeback

Stu Millstein is back with another view into the world of sports. This time, Stu ponders the ongoing drama starring Brett Favre:

After my first blog post last week, Tony has asked me back. Right now, I don’t know who is making a quicker comeback, me or Brett Favre. While many would say that I remind them of Brett Favre (tall, tan, athletic, etc.,) we are different in that I never officially retired from blogging. So, like LL Cool J said, don’t call it a comeback. Come to think of it, the ladies do love Stu like they love Cool J.

On the other hand, if Brett Favre were to play this season, I would definitely call it a comeback. This whole saga is very upsetting. On one side, you have the face of the franchise, who walked away from the game he loved only to reconsider four months later that he had made the wrong decision. At the same time, pressuring the Packers to bring him back as the starter or release him.

On the other side, you have the Packers. For years, they have supported Favre and allowed him to tight rope the line of ‘will he retire or won’t he?’ Finally, after a crushing NFC Championship loss, Favre does retire and the Packers set into motion their future with former first round pick Aaron Rodgers behind center. When they finally tell Brett that they have moved on, he asks for a release. While you can’t place a price tag on what number 4 has meant to the Packer organization, the NFL is still a business where the ultimate goal is to win the Lombardi trophy.

While I’m not saying that Aaron Rodgers is the answer, if the Packers were to release him and he were to sign with another franchise, would that truly be fair to the green and gold? Imagine this: Brett Favre in Minnesota with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor in the backfield and an intimidating defense. Or how about Favre in Baltimore with Willis McGahee, Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, and Mark Clayton? Not to mention an older but still strong defense. At least by having him on their roster and not releasing him, the Packers can control where he goes. Brett Favre showed last year that he is still an elite quarterback in this league and should get the Packers something in return if they were to trade him. I personally believe this releasing situation is Favre’s idea of the Packers bringing him back and making him the starting quarterback. Now would that be fair for Aaron Rodgers?

I really liked Tony’s comparison of Favre to Roger Clemens. Both older veteran stars that still have something in the tank and really can’t make up their minds, and in the end think that they are bigger than the game. I’ll give you another comparison I thought of.

How about Michael Jordan? The first time he unretired, Jordan was still in his prime and missed a season and a half when he played minor league baseball. I had no problem with this comeback because Jordan was still the best player in the league and he went on to show it. He also at least changed his mind more than four months after the fact. His second comeback bothered me in that I believe it tarnished Jordan’s image. I know he was the general manager and did what he thought was best, however, he definitely was not the same Jordan we came to know and love. I actually believe he set the franchise back a few years.

I’m not saying that if Brett Favre were to come back, he would set the franchise back. I just think its time to start anew with Rodgers. So please Brett, don’t call it a comeback.

Unless you want to play for the green and white in the Meadowlands. And this time he can retire on top like Jordan before his second comeback.

Because right now, his Byron Russell is Corey Webster.

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