Sunday, July 13, 2008

OSWPOTD: "The Model" Rick Martel

Rick Martel wasn't always a "model." His WWF career began as a tag-team competitor, first with Tom Zenk as the "Can-Am Connection," then with Tito Santana as "Strike Force." Martel and Santana were tag team champions, but Martel would turn heel at Tito's expense.

It was in late 1989 when Rick Martel was re-packaged as "The Model." He came close to winning the Intercontinental title in 1993 after winning a battle royal to fight for the vacant belt. He lost to Razor Ramon.

He wrestled for a year in WCW, winning the World TV Title in 1998 from Booker T during their feud. His tenure was cut short due to an injury.

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