Friday, July 18, 2008

Minnesota radio yapper on hot seat after WNBA comments

Talk radio personalities often feel they have to exaggerate their statements to get their point across. Sometimes they go a little too far, to the point where the statement doesn't have any validity and just makes them look like stupid, ignorant a-holes.

That's exactly what happened Thursday on Minnesota's KTLK, when sports talk host Chris Baker was asking callers to suggest things that never lived up to the hype. When a caller brought up the WNBA, Baker said the league was "a place for lesbians to make out when they score."

Here's video from KSTP-5 News, a local Minnesota station, about the situation:

It's pretty shocking that in 2008 this stuff still happens. Does anyone have any common sense? At what point when Baker was thinking that in his head did he think it was a good idea to say?

Obviously the statement is so far off base that it shouldn't be taken seriously, but this guy doesn't deserve to be on the radio.

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