Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mark Grace to get mohawk if D'Backs win 10-straight

Grace is currently a color commentator for Diamondbacks broadcasts on FSN Arizona. During tonight's Arizona v. Chicago telecast, Grace said he would cut his hair into a mohawk to match some of the D'Backs faithful if the team wins 10 straight games.

He even went one further, saying he would count the two previous games they've already won against the Cubs, so he only has eight more to go. Arizona is trailing 1-0 in the second inning as I write this.

This is reminiscent of Lou Piniella dying his hair after a Tampa Bay Devil Rays win streak a few seasons ago. If the D'Backs do make it to 10 straight wins they'll probably be in first place in the weak NL West. And they'll get a little national media attention for Grace's mohawk.

Update: The D'Backs really know how to spoil a party. They lost 10-6 last night to the Cubbies, so no mohawk for Gracie.

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