Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manny joins Favre in new TV drama

No, you're not watching ESPN Classic. It's just Manny Ramirez' annual "Manny Being Manny," remove himself from the lineup, pout about his contract, ask for a trade week. Every year Manny does this and every year he stays on the team and remains beloved by the Red Sox faithful.

Ramirez doesn't want the team to pick up his option this offseason so he can become a free agent. He's on strike again, this time with a "knee injury," and told ESPN Radio today that he would accept a trade if the Sox made one, but that he doesn't think they'll do it because they're not stupid. Manny added that the Sox were tired of him, and he of them. Reports say Boston wants prospects in return for a rent-a-player.

Will the Phillies make a move? Imagine Utley, Ramirez, Howard hitting 2,3,4. It seems like it would be too hard to get done, especially before Thursday's trading deadline. Either way, can the media please call out Manny Ramirez on this?

What's that? Peter Gammons? I can't believe it, but the Boston homer extraordinaire just semi-blasted Ramirez for thinking about money and himself while his teammates are focusing on making the playoffs.

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