Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Favre in Jersey?

My friend and former "CortSide" colleague Stuart Millstein has been keeping an eye, like the heads at ESPN, on the Brett Favre soap drama and "BFF texting" that's been going on. Is he coming out of retirement? If he does, will he play for the Packers? Where else could he play?

Stu told me to "mark it down" that John Madden's man-crush will be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets when the 2008 campaign begins.

It's not that far-fetched. Obviously other teams will also show interest, like the Ravens, Bears, Vikings, Lions, etc., and I don't doubt that "Gang Green" will be in the hunt. There is a lot of uncertainty under center on the green side of the Meadowlands and Favre in New York would be a media dream.

Stu adds, "I can't stand Pennington or Clemens. I would rather have Roger Clemens as my QB and I hate him also."

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