Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favre fools Green Bay fans; Wants back into NFL

Last night, Brett Favre reportedly asked for his release from the Green Bay Packers because they weren't very keen on the aged QB playing for them next year. Great. Now ESPN can justify the six hours a day they're devoting to Favre.

It looks like this story is the real deal, though, as it's being reported by mutliple outlets. Favre has three years remaining on his Packers contract and if he were to apply for reinstatement, he would become Green Bay property again. It just doesn't make sense for the Pack to outright release Favre, so my guess is they'll trade him to a team that they don't feel threatened by, for whatever they can get.

So basically, kiss all that "Favre to Minnesota" talk goodbye. Aside from the obvious reasons Green Bay wouldn't do it, I doubt Favre would want to play for the Vikes, where he would have to play at least one game at Lambeau Field as a member of the opposition. Let's face it, with the request for his release, Favre has probably lost his stature among some of the Cheeseheads in Green Bay. Even though it would only be one game there, I think Favre would be wise to stay away from it. The Chiefs, Jets and Bucs seem like possible destinations, among others.

This whole thing is so reminiscent of the Roger Clemens situation a few years ago that it makes me want to puke. Of course, Clemens is hated now for different reasons and was even hated then by most people. But then he retired and the Yanks threw him a goign away party complete with gifts, baseball analysts everywhere were kissing his syringe-scarred ass and he was about to ride off into the sunset as one of the great pitchers in baseball history.

Then he came back with Houston. Then again with the Yankees. And now look what happened.

I'm not saying Favre's name will suddenly come up in HGH and adultery allegations, but his legacy will be tarnished by all that has happened. Even if he ends up not coming back and let's this all go away, it will still be strong in the memories of the Cheeseheads, who will always remember when their hero Brett Favre retired, then tried to unretire and play for someone else.

And it makes his tearful press conference seem cheesy and laughable.

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